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We have established an assembly of professionals who have founded the group with the mission of reducing years and time spent employed by others before we can attain our individual goals. We have decades of experience, owning and operating, our own successful businesses. We have worked and continue to be employed by Fortune 500 companies in capacities varying from Operations Management, Sales & Marketing, Corporate Accounting and more. We have an extensive base of knowledge, experience and education and are now putting it to work creating our own legacies. Our team members play an active role in supporting and guiding new businesses during their development. We actively follow all our investments and share all information via various different platforms and encourage all members to do the same. 


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United Obsidian Group:
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We are United Obsidian Group, we are a consulting and investment group specializing in minority investing, small business start-up and opportunities and passive income. Our vision is to utilize our member contributions to help create small businesses and investment opportunities. If you are interested in joining our group or you have a business proposition, or an existing business you would like our assistance to develop, please get in touch with a member of our team.
We’re always on the lookout for the next great idea.

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A Terrific Partnership


Poppa Shine

High Quality Organic Men's Beard Balm

We were first introduced to the company after getting a sample of their all natural beard balm. After trying the samples and sharing them with others we were collectively hooked and had to help get this product to market.  The balm itself is unique in that it is smooth, not tacky, with a subtle but pleasant scent and helps to soften even the most coarse beard.

  Poppa Shine is a female owned and operated, black business and they are breaking ground everyday and this is only their first offering. 

We cannot wait to see how they grow and change the market.

Mizz Myxer is a triple threat offering a delicious Blood Mary Mix/Marinade, bartending services and event hosting and offering online tutorial and video modules for the novice bartender looking for knowledge.  Based out of the capital region the product is available for sale and the team of bartenders travels as throughout NY to host events.


Nakia Tilman- Author

The Adventures of Lil Margie & Amazing Q

Nakia Tilman is the author of children's books detailing the lives and adventures of young children of color and their experiences from a fictional and non fiction point of view. Her books are relatable, entertaining and come from the perspective of young black children but are accessible for everyone.

Visit her website and purchase a book for the child in your life.


Bishop Bottling Co.

Delicious West Indian based Beverages and Sauces

Their products are love at first taste.  As their site states they are literally a taste of the West Indies. They offer authentic beverages and sauces that are standard to most Caribbean households and families but new to most outside of the islands.  Their initial offering is the most flavorful, but hot, pepper sauce you have ever had.  If you enjoy the kick of heat this is for you. Their sorrel drink is sweet, spiced and a unique flavor that begs to be tried just based on the rich crimson color alone.


An excellent introduction to the Caribbean.


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